Waviebank Woolers

Farm to Yarn

Business Policy


We  ship via Canada Post to Canadian addresses only.   Your order will typically ship out on the next business day.


All sales are final.   Please contact us if you would like a sample of our yarn or have questions about our products and how they will perform for you.

Mistakes Happen

In the event of an order fulfillment problem (e.g. we sent you 1,000 grams instead of 100 as clearly indicated on your order and invoice) contact us within 10 businesss days and we will resolve the problem swiftly.


We are an online business only. On occasion we attend select Fibre Fairs across Canada. Check our blog for updates on our plans! 


Our blended fibre products are made from fibre grown by animals on our own farm or at select fibre farms in Saskatchewan where we have found a shared commitment and care for the welfare of the animals involved.  

We source complementary products, fibre and finished goods from trusted mills and fibre producers in Canada.

One of a Kind

Our blended fibre products are unique, and limited quantity.  Buy what you love when you see it and be sure to buy enough to finish your project.